The Ultimate Guide To Picking Up English Like A Pro

If English isn’t your native language and you are finding a need to pick up on it, remember it isn’t as hard as it seems. In fact many people actually do comment that English is one of the easiest languages out there. So here are some quick ways you could use to pick up on this language.

Tune in to English radio channels

Listening to someone speak a language that you don’t, helps you pick up on little things that they say, the vocabulary they use and how they phrase things on the whole. However if you want to truly learn something in a fun way without forcing yourself, the best thing to do is to listen to something you would enjoy listening to. This way unconsciously your brain would pick up on things, and in time you’ll be rocking English like a pro even without the help of an English tutor Northern Beaches!

Watch YouTube videos

This is the perfect opportunity to excuse all that time wasted on the net surfing video after video. YouTube videos of interviews done in English, YouTubers ranting about their day in English and even challenges done on YouTube in English are all fun videos you could watch to improve your English vocabulary. Not only that, if you truly want to improve your skills more, you could work with maths and english tutors, especially if you are following your lessons in English and finding difficulties in understanding.

Speak the language

You never know how good or bad you are at something unless you try. And when learning English, the first step is to speak out! It doesn’t matter if you are making mistakes or if you are having difficulties in phrasing things, but if you hold back because of those reasons you would never improve. You could also get the help of someone who is good at the language so that they can help you correct any mistakes you might be making.


If you aren’t much of a book lover and a reader, then at least stick to reading billboard signs, advertisements or anything else you would easily come across when travelling in the bus or car. Try to understand how you can comprehend and how fast you can read. This exercise would also help you add more words to your English vocabulary.

Practice every single day at every moment whenever you are free, and you will come to realize that in time you have developed your skills to the pro level! After all, how sad would it be when you can’t watch an amazing English movie just because you don’t understand what is being said!