Ways To Keep Your House Warm During Winter

December has arrived and there’s two things that comes to our mind during this month. Festive lights and winter. We don’t deny the fact that winter is beautiful. Everything turns magical during this season. From building your first snowman to ice skating, we love everything about winter. Well there’s always the exception of chapped lips, dry skin and the layers of clothes we need to put on so that we don’t freeze to death. If you are someone who loves hot chocolate and snowman’s then winter is the season for you. But for most of us we dread when the first snow falls on the ground which means more work and more clothes. We’d love to go back home and enjoy the warmth of the firewood and the hot tea. For all you winter Grinch’s out there, here’s few tips to keep you warm till winter lasts.

Turn the heat up

This is a no brainer and the first thing you do when the weather man mentions that winter’s on its way is you turn the heat up! Don’t keep sitting in front of the radiator, this will cause the furniture to absorb all the heat. Keep things away from the radiator to keep the entire house warm enough during winter. But make sure that the heat doesn’t cause moisture around the house. This will cause the walls to crack and the plaster from the walls will come peeling off. The best way to avoid this is to have a pre purchase house inspection Melbourne before you own the house. The experts will let you know if the material they have used is guaranteed to keep up with the heat or the cold climate.

Hand sanitizers

Apparently they are not only useful to keep your hands clean but also an amazing winter survival hack. The alcohol in the gel can de-ice your frozen door knobs. Now you don’t have to worry about getting your hands slicked on to the knobs every time you open the door.

Switch on your ceiling fans

You might think why you should switch on the ceiling fan when it’s already cold out? Here’s why, the ceiling when set to a clockwise motion, the fan pulls up the cold air and pushes down the warm air making you less cold and happy, now you don’t have to spend bills on your heaters but instead save money and stay warm.

Change your flooring

The one thing we dislike waking up on a winter morning is when you wake up and place your legs on the floor and feel the cold sending daggers through your skin. You can change your flooring plan with the help of a best house inspector. They could identify the best kind of flooring to use for a house and also make sure that you haven’t been given one that is fake. These are few of the many survival tips for you to overcome winter and stay warm at home. Although winter looks like a wonderland in pictures, there are drawbacks to it as well. With these few pointers you can look forward for winter to arrive and say goodbye to the sun.